There is so much I would said to you

If you were here

So much I’ll like to tell you

But this thing goes to deep

I wish I knew what’s wrong

To make us feel alright

Fix all with this song

And sleep with you to night


Wish you good

I wish you well

Someday I’ll see you again

I hate to live with your memory

Nothing new, nothing else


I don’t want to say goodbye

I don’t want to miss you

There is too much distance

Between us…

It hurts me to hear you cry

Is my mind playing tricks?

I’m so scare of the future

I really miss your lips


I just want to hide

Just take a run and disappear

There is nothing left to say

Even the hate just ran away.



About neopoly

With only 19 years old I have lived so many experiences around the globe so I know a thing or two. I'm a venezuelan who loves graffiti, music, poems, video games, to travel, to paint, to read, to live and so many other senseless stuff and you can see all this on my blog. My name is Dave Neopoly and welcome to a wild ride. Con solo 19 años he vivido muchas experiencias alrededor del mundo así que soy conocido por saber una o dos cosas. Soy un venezolano quien ama el graffiti, la música, los poemas, los vídeo juegos, viajar, pintar leer, vivir y muchísimas más cosas sin sentido que podrás ver en mi blog. Mi nombre es Dave Neopoly y bienvenido a este viaje salvaje.

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  1. Shonna Tasso says:

    bonjour I’m laura I’m such a air head but I still particularly admired your posts

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