Vizie the beast



Graffiti videos by DAOS

Para conmemorar el día de la lucha contra el VIH/SIDA

Porno, Luzer and Rose

Igor Presnyakov – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (guitar cover)

Sexy CPR (The best way to do it)

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Real, Does, Tues and Chas. Enough said

Here comes the pain again

There is so much I would said to you

If you were here

So much I’ll like to tell you

But this thing goes to deep

I wish I knew what’s wrong

To make us feel alright

Fix all with this song

And sleep with you to night


Wish you good

I wish you well

Someday I’ll see you again

I hate to live with your memory

Nothing new, nothing else


I don’t want to say goodbye

I don’t want to miss you

There is too much distance

Between us…

It hurts me to hear you cry

Is my mind playing tricks?

I’m so scare of the future

I really miss your lips


I just want to hide

Just take a run and disappear

There is nothing left to say

Even the hate just ran away.



(Im still not sure if this is an improve or just useless…)